I help emerging companies solve complex problems with data so that they can scale.

 Open to new opportunities

I am a curious, self-driven product designer passionate about great UX in digital and physical products, design mentoring — particularly for young women entering the field, and diversifying the tech world.

Jason Theodor

Creative Consultant / Educator
Annie is a perpetual student, learning and sharing as she goes. This human curiosity and high EQ translates seamlessly into teamwork and leadership — the ability to see people, understand how they tick, and motivate them to be their best.

Jose Bonifacio

Senior Product Designer, Lightspeed
Annie is an excellent designer! She’s always very thoughtful and articulate. I admire the level of focus Annie brings to the job. It’s something that I aspire to and would want to emulate.

Jason Brown

Product Manager, Sherpa
Annie went above and beyond, helping us stretch resources and reach our goals faster...She collaborates seamlessly with engineers, product managers, and other stakeholders. I'm excited to see what Annie does in the future - any team is lucky to have her!

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