Annie McDougall


Wishlist filtering interface

 I wanted to create a very visual search interface which was easy-to-use and playful. I felt like most clothing/accessory stores didn't give users good filtering options, so wanted to come up with solution which felt unique and satisfying

First Iterations

By using icons of clothing items, I wanted to create a filtering experience that didn't break the user out of their shopping flow - I wanted them to be able to choose what they wanted without making them have to think about it or look away from the clothes. By setting up a personal profile where users could select their sizes and preferred styles, items that matched their preferences would be shown first  and preferences likely to change regularly such as colour and clothing type would be easy to access in the main shopping section. 

Second iterations

I wasn't sure that the floating clothing-type selection bar was working as it was obscuring the clothes, so I ended up moving towards a pop-out filtering design that would obscure only a third of the screen. This seemed to be more successful. 

Final designs

For my final designs I felt that a white background would ensure that the app design complemented all images, and would not distract from the products. The final experience card-style design is more sleek and sexy but still feels personal and playful.