Annie McDougall

Music player

Music player interface

This music player interface was created as the result of a 90-minute design challenge (and then further developed in my own time). I wanted to create a product that did justice to the artistry of the songs that we listen to. I drew inspiration from Dribble, and from album covers such as Beyonce's Lemonade.

Inspiration finding

The challenge of designing for a product with immaterial content like music, is that you have to come up with imagery which people understand and respond to while avoiding symbols that have become cliche. For this reason I was determined to stay away from music notes, play buttons or instruments.  I was inspired by the beauty of the Experiments album cover below, and felt that dancing geometric patterns could represent rhythm and depth in music well. 


In my sketches I explored various layouts and logo ideas. In the end I felt that square album covers felt a bit too static and that round covers conveyed more movement, especially when stacked. My logo design was derived from two earbuds in a yin and yang formation, which could also suggest the movement of a rotating record. I liked that with the gradients I used the positive and negative spaces can be interchangeable which could represent the subjectivity of music, and an 'S' is formed (for Sound).  


Hi-fidelity designs