Annie McDougall

Lexicam marketing site

Lexicam marketing website

I created a website to advertise my app Lexicam. This needed to communicate how the app worked, what benefits it offered users, showcase its features and share feedback from existing users


  • Above the fold, I wanted the hero image to show the app being used in a visually interesting setting, which would inspire new users. I wanted to included a catchy, almost elevator pitch headline, with call to action buttons underneath. 



  • Beneath the hero image, I decided to use illustrations to give a brief overview of how the app works. 


  • To showcase the features of the app and the UI, I decided to give brief written descriptions alongside screens labelling some of the different features. 





  • I decided to include a section which focused on the use of Lexicam as a travelling tool. For this I would use an image that felt exotic, write about how Lexicam can change your travel experience, and again include call to action buttons to download the app. 


  • In the next section I decided to include testimonials. I felt three was a good number, but to keep things clean I decided to make the quote section a carousel


  • I decided to make the final section a media section to showcase where Lexicam had been featured.  The footer needed to include a navigation and links to social media

Final website