Annie McDougall

Brainstation redesign


Brainstation redesign

Myself and three other classmates were tasked with redesigning Brainstation's education portal in a design sprint over four days.  Our goal was to create an interactive platform where both students and educators could easily access/share resources and connect with their community in order to facilitate a positive learning experience.   Across the four days we conducted interviews, did market research, created experience maps, created digital wireframes and then tested our prototype. Following the sprint I created the hi-fidelity screens you see below. 

User interviews

From our interviews we wanted to learn about people's previous experiences with education portals, what they liked and disliked, their current Brainstation portal use habits, and what information they needed to access most. 

Inspiration finding

People had had positive experiences with customisable dashboards, so we started researching dashboards. The ones that were most successful were clean and had some colour but this was limited. 

User flows

Creating How Might We's and Sketching

We created How Might Wes which were questions we needed to consider when creating the portal. We grouped those questions into resource hierarchy, social/community, and knowledge bank. 


Wireframing first and second iterations

High fidelity designs